Shared task @ AAAI 2022

First Workshop on ​Multimodal Fact-Checking and Hate Speech Detection

February, 2022


Memotion 2 is the 2nd iteration of the Memotion task which was conducted at Semeval 2020. The challenge consists of three subtasks:

  1. Sentiment (positive, negative, and neutral) analysis of memes
  2. Overall emotion (humor, sarcasm, offensive, and motivational) classification of memes
  3. Classifying the intensity of meme emotions.
We have release annotated data of memes (images and the embedded text).

Some Samples from Data

dataset link: register here to access the dataset.

evaluation metric: weighted F1 score
submission instructions: to be updated
system description paper :All team/participants will be invited to submit a paper describing their system. Accepted papers will be published in formal proceedings.
paper submission instruction to be updated

For more details of Memotion 1.0 @ SemEval 2020 - please click here
and the task report is visible here -


  • 6 oct 2021: Release of the training set
  • 19 nov 2021: Release of the test set
  • 23 nov 2021: Deadline for submitting the final results
  • 25 nov 2021: Announcement of the results
  • 5 dec 2021: System paper submission deadline (All teams are invited to submit a paper)
  • 12 dec 2021: Notification of system papers.
  • 20 dec 2021: Camera ready submission.


will be releaded after the task.