Program Schedule

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Introduction to AI [Video]
Speaker: Dr. Amit Sheth
Python (Intro, Basic
Examples, Visualization) [Video]
Speaker: Deepa
Manufacturing Visit AI One Can Trust

A. Chatbots [Video]

B. AI Bias [Video]

Speaker: Dr. Biplav Srivastav, Kausik Lakharaju, Siva Likitha, Sara Rae Jones
AI Applications
A. Diabetes (Jinendra) [Video]
B. Autonomous Vehicles (Ruwan) [Video]
C. Students Experience (Nathan)
D. Internship Experience (Parth)
E. Food (Renjith
F. Factify (Megha)
G. Asthma Demo
H. Disaster Demo
J. Health e Gamecock Chatbot
K. McNair and AIISC Demo for BMW
AI Examples [Video]
Speaker: Deepa
Python (ML)
Speaker: Deepa
AI in Manufacturing [Video]
Speaker: Chathurangi
Volunteers: Thilini, Jinendra Volunteers: Jinendra, Sabah,
Volunteers: Ruwan, Jinendra Volunteers: Kausik, Siva Likitha,
Sara Rae Jones , Jinendra
Volunteers: Jinendra
ChatGPT - How to make any app using ChatGPT [Video]
Speaker: Jinendra
AI in Gaming (Alleviate [Video], Rubik Cube [Video])
Speakers: Vedant and Kaushik
AI Content Generation and Detection [Video 1] [Video 2]
Speakers: Megha, Renjith,
and Jinendra
AI in Analogy
Analogy Resource [Video]
Speaker: Thilini
How to write a college essay using ChatGPT
Speaker: Jinendra
Volunteers: Chathurangi,
Nayeem, Renjith
Volunteers: Megha, Jinendra Volunteers: Vedant, Vipula Volunteers: Megha, Jinendra
“All of the ChatGPT activities were fun. It is
easier to be engaged when we are doing
something hands on. having something
that seems like our own (tic tac toe) was
very validating and enjoyable.”
“The intro to python and the AI in gaming
were very enjoyable as they were very
interactive and I was consistently doing
something. The grad students walking
around and helping was very useful.”
“I like the fact that we were able to discuss
the downsides of AI-generated information.
It gives us the awareness that AI-generated
information could potentially have negative
impacts. Thus, why there are debates and
research on what we could do to fix problems
regarding AI-generated text detection.”
“I liked how the machine learning
examples used both vocal explanation
through the physical lecture and visual
representation through informative videos
provided adjacent to what was being said.”
“All of today was very engaging and interesting.
I enjoyed getting to see something in real life
then later having it explained and broken down.
I also found the content and detection very enjoyable
it really made me think about ethical and moral issues
that have to be addressed in order to address these issues.”