“I think that the hands-on activities like working with ChatGPT were very interesting and I would like to see more of that within the camp. I think that they were interesting because of the interactive nature of making the tic tac toe app.”
“I really liked the hands on aspect of the python activities. I enjoyed learning how to code and the challenges were thought provoking. I also enjoyed learning about the applications to gaming and health. I did not know that ai could actually automatically generate landscapes without that exact landscape ever being drawn by an artist before. Also, it was interesting to see the comparison between how health chatbots started out (Eliza- very basic and clunky, doesn't always make sense) and how they improved over the years (glass ai- informative and helpful, actually makes sense).”
“The thing I enjoyed most from Tuesday's activities is learning a little bit of python.”
“The AI in gaming course incorporated interactive elements into its lecture which meant it was easier to stay interested in what was being explained as the topics could be seen demonstrated firsthand.”
“I liked the essay writing portion because I found it helpful to learn how ChatGPT can help you without you cheating on topics like college essays. It specifically applies to me since I am a rising senior.”