AIISC Projects

  1. Collaborative Autonomy in Uncertain Environments: Exploring Vistas Beyond Consensus

    PI: Vignesh Narayanan, Overall PI: Dr. Avimanyu Sahoo, UAH NEEC, NSWC, Panama City, DoD; AIISC, AIISC Share: $218,914 -- (Total: $448,751) June 2023 - May 2026
  2. Learning-Enabled Collaborative Autonomy for Networked CPS

    PI: Vignesh Narayanan Co-PI: Dr. Jagannathan Sarangapani, MST AFOSR, DoD, $599,996 2024 - 2027
  3. Information Competition Simulator, Information Competition Simulator

    Dr. Michael Huhns, Co-PI: Vignesh Narayanan and Dr. Biplav Srivastava ARLIS, UMD, DoD ,Total funds: $195,170 May 2022 - May 2024
  4. EAGER: Knowledge-guided neurosymbolic AI with guardrails for safe virtual health assistants

    Amit Sheth (PI), Vignesh Narayanan (coPI). NSF Award # 2335967 ($200,000). October 2023 - September 2025
  5. Extending ezBIDS, NiiVue and dcm2niix for user-friendly cloud-based integration and visualization

    Chris Rorden (PD/PI), Roger Newman-Norlund (Co-PD/PI), Alex Teghipco (Co-I), Christian O’Reilly (Co-I), Rutvik H Desai (Co-I), Franco Pestilli (key personnel) NIMH R01 ($2,105,720) July 2023 - June 2026

  6. Cholinergic regulation of amygdalar circuits in emotional memory

    Davit Mott (PI), Aaron Jasnow (Co-I), Christian O’Reilly (Co-I) NIMH R01 ($3,364,926) July 2023 - June 2028

  7. The Role of Autonomic Regulation of Attention in the Emergence of ASD

    Jessica Bradshaw (PI), Dail Robin (Co-I), Jana M Iverson (Co-I), Christian O’Reilly (Co-I), John E Richard (Co-I), Jane E Roberts (Co-I) NIMH R01 ($3,732,820) April 2023 - March 2028

  8. Quantifying Vascular Calcification and Predicting Patient Outcome with Synthetic Data, Deep Neural Networks, and Logic Programming

    PI: Forest Agostinelli, Co-PIs: Susan Lessner, Homayoun Valafar $60,000 May 2023- Dec 2024

  9. CCRI: Planning-C: Planning to Build Digital Infrastructure for Real-Time, Continual, and Intelligent Transportation Analysis and Management

    PI: Qi Zhang. CoPI: Y. Chen. $93,702 Oct 2022- Sept 2023

  10. Radiation Hard and Machine Learning Reinforced 4H-SiC Radiation Detectors for Space Applications.

    PI: Krishna Mandal, Co-PI: Forest Agostinelli, NASA EPSCoR, $70,059 Aug 2022 - Aug 2023

  11. Big Data Health Science Fellow Program in Infectious Disease Research.

    PI: Forest Agostinelli, NIH R25. $56,544 Aug 2022 - Aug 2023

  12. RI: Small: Cooperative Planning and Learning via Scalable and Learnable Multi-Agent Commitments

    PI: Dr. Qi Zhang. NSF : $332,423 July 2022 - June 2025

  13. Model-driven analysis of autonomic control in ASD using ECG

    PI : Christian O’Reilly, Co-PI: Xiaoxue Fu , Co-I : Jessica Bradshaw ,Co-I : Jane Roberts CAN Pilot Grant : $40,000 June 2022 - June 2023

  14. Automatic and Personalized Identification of Smoking Using Smartwatches.

    PI: Homayoun Valafar, Co-PI: Forest Agostinelli, University of South Carolina: ASPIRE-II. $99,190 May 2022 – Sept 2023

  15. NSF Convergence Accelerator Track F: Actionable Sensemaking Tools for Curating and Authenticating Information in the Presence of Misinformation during Crise

    AIISC PI (NSF co-PI): Amit Sheth (Overall PI: Srinivasan Parthasarthy, OSU), UofSC: NSF Award # 2137806, $150K, Total: 750K, Oct 2021- Sept 2022

  16. RII Track 2 FEC: Enabling Factory to Factory (F2F) Networking for Future Manufacturings

    AIISC PI: Amit Sheth (Overall PI: Ramy Harik), $739,239 of Total $3.28M, Oct 2021 - Sept 2025.

  17. Meta-Learning Multi-Agent Communication

    PI: Qi Zhang, UofSC/ASPIRE, $14,925, July 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022.

  18. AI/ML-Readiness for Neuroimaging of Language, National Institutes of Health

    AIISC PI : Amit Sheth, (PI: Rutvik Desai, Inst. of Mind & Brain), NIH $287,300 , Oct 2021 - Sept 2022.

  19. RII Track 2 FEC: Enabling Factory to Factory (F2F) Networking for Future Manufacturings

    CoPI: Amit Sheth (PI: Ramy Harik, Mech Engg), $3,832,325, Sept 2021 - Aug 2025.

  20. EAGER: Advancing Neuro-Symbolic AI with Deep Knowledge-Infused Learning

    PI: Amit Sheth; NSF, $139,999, July 2021 - June 2023.

  21. Percuro - NLU for Pharma

    PI: Amit Sheth; WIPRO, $451,965, July 2021- July 2024.

  22. mhealth to Improve Carbohydrate Counting Accuracy in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes

    CoPI: Amit Sheth (PI: Lisa Knight, Sch of Medicine), Univ of SouthCarolina, $100,000, July 2021 - Sept 2022.

  23. Collaborative Artificial Intelligence for Learning to Solve the Rubik's Cube

    CoPI/AIISC Lead: Forest Agostinelli. CoPI: Biplav Srivastava, Dezhi Wu, Hengtao Tang, Consultant: Amit Sheth (PI: Matt Irvin, College of Education), UofSC/ASPIRE, $98,535, July 2021 - July 2022.

  24. Direct Detection of Sub-GeV Dark Matter Using Reinforced Single-Crystalline Diamond, 4H-SiC Detectors, and Convolutional Neural Network

    CoPI/AIISC Lead: Forest Agostinelli (PI: Krishna Mandal, Electrical Engg), UofSC/ASPIRE, $100,000, Oct 2021 - Sept 2025.

  25. Analysis of Power IoT data for management of infrastructure

    PI: Biplav Srivastava, Tantiv Inc., $32,000, July 2021.

  26. Enabling Factory to Factory (F2F) Networking for Future Manufacturing across South Carolina

    PI: Amit Sheth; CoPI: Ramy Harik (Mech Engg); SC Research Authority, $1,199,944, June 2021 - May 2024.

  27. Proactive and Automated Material Control -- BMW

    CoPIs: Forest Agostinelli, Amit Sheth (PI: Abdel Bayoumi), SC Dept of Commerce, $239,809, June 2021 - June 2022.

  28. Development of an Instrumented, Intelligent Infant Interaction Laboratory for the Prediction of Autism Spectrum Disorder

    AIISC Lead: Amit Sheth, PI: Jessica Bradshaw (Dept of Psychology/Neuroscience), UofSC/USCAND, $40,000, May 2020 - Sept 2021.

  29. Exploring patients' use of mobile health applications to manage multiple chronic conditions: A qualitative study

    AIISC Lead: Amit Sheth (PI: Sara Donevant, College of Nursing; CoPI: Robin Dawson) UofSC ASPIRE July 2020 - Sept 2021.

  30. NSF Convergence Accelerator: Symposium on Big Data and AI-Driven Disaster Management for Planning, Response, Recovery, and Resiliency,

    PI: Amit Sheth; NSF Award #956285, $99,604, Feb 2020 – Jan 2021.

  31. Spokes: MEDIUM: MIDWEST: Collaborative: Community-Driven Data Engineering for Substance Abuse Prevention in the Rural Midwest

    PI: Amit sheth; NSF Award# 1761931, $120,000, Sept 2018 – Aug 2021. [Collaborator: Ohio State University]

  32. SCH: kHealth: Semantic Multisensory Mobile Approach to Personalized Asthma Care

    PI: Amit Sheth. Co-PIs:T.K. Prasad, NIH: 1R01 HD087132-01, $991,804, Jul 2016 - Jun 2021.

  33. Modeling Social Behavior for Healthcare Utilization in Depression

    Joint PIs: Jyotishman Pathak (Cornell University) and Amit Sheth. Co-PI: T.K. Prasad,NIMH/NIH: 1R01MH105384-01A1, $2,195,362 (WSU: $505,602), Mar 3, 2016 - Jun 30, 2020.

  34. eDarkTrends: Monitoring Cryptomarkets to Identify Emerging Trends of Illicit Synthetic Opioids Use

    PIs: Francois Lamy and Amit Sheth, NIH, $223,715, Jul 2017 - May 2020.