Core AI Research areas:

AIISC faculty and researcher conduct research in a broad variety of AI topics, including: Neuro-symbolic computing/Hybrid AI, Knowledge Graph Development, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge-infused Learning (for deep learning and NLP), Multimodal AI (including IoT/sensor data streams, images), Collaborative Assistants, Multiagent Systems (incl. Coordinating systems of decision making agents including humans, robots, sensors), Semantic-Cognitive-Perceptual Computing, Brain-inspired computing, Interpretation/Explainability/Trust/Ethics in AI systems, Search, Gaming, and more

Interdisciplinary AI and AI applications:

AIISC has extensive ongoing collaborations with a significant majority of colleges in the universities and a large number of external organizations. Areas of collaborations and applications include neuroscience, medicine/health care/nursing (e.g., nutrition, neurodevelopmental disease, colorectal cancer, asthma, diabetes, hypertension), public health (e.g., mental health, addiction, COVID-19, epedemics), epidemiology, education, manufacturing (digital twins, factory of future), disaster management, social good/harm (disinformation, harassment, toxic content, extremism, radicalization), and more.