AI Summer Camp for High Schoolers   

Artificial Intelligence Summer Camp for High School Students
(July 12 – July 16, 2021)

Are you interested in exploring the world of Artificial Intelligence and its applications?

Embark on the journey to learn with experts in the field.

Direct hands-on-experience is on the way!

Join us this Summer 2021 for a fun-filled, project-based learning in the FIRST Artificial Intelligence camp. The camp will promote interaction and exchange of ideas between AI researchers, practitioners, and students. Following the camp, the most promising high school students will be offered semester-wide internships with an intention to promote their interest in further education and translational AI research.

The AI camp will include:

  1. Lectures by AIISC faculty on topics of AI applications (mainly in healthcare, education, social and economic development), AI in gaming, AI in robotics, and AI and Ethics;

  2. Coding training in Python by an instructor that well involve the use of a popular toolkit;

  3. Exercises supervised/mentored by AIISC associated undergraduate and graduate students, including a simple chatbot development;

  4. Hands-on demos of substantial AI applications developed at the AIISC.

Program Summary:

If you have questions or need more information, email or call (803-xxx-xxxx). You can also contact Dr. Pankesh Patel ( ,
+1 803 404 3568)

Supported by: ViSER (

A Richmond 2 high school student may contact Dr Arlene Bakutes (email: for registration.